Your organization is full of life, creativity and energy. Waiting to be unleashed.

Act, lead and organise in new ways that align with your purpose, culture, and business. Decide your next step.

Are you ready?

Welcome to a world of inspiration and guidance for organizing and leading your organization.

Discover fresh perspectives on reinventing your organization, leadership and impact. As your experienced advisor and guide, I help you take your next steps with confidence.

Embarking on a journey towards entirely new ways of working and being necessitates grounding in reality, identifying what truly works within your organization, unlearning what no longer serves you, and embracing the wisdom to navigate uncharted territories.

With over 20 years of experience in leadership and organizational development, I bring a wealth of knowledge and successful new ways of working to the table. Together, we will embark on a journey that enables you to understand, decide, and take important steps towards success in your organization.

Let's shift the mindset of yesterday, where the focus was mainly on delivering more and maximizing profits. Instead, we will embrace a new mindset and heartset—one that prioritizes doing good for people and the planet, delivering better rather than simply pursuing more. We will take this transformation one step and one heart at a time.

BETTER - instead of just more

No more pushing and struggling to make results. No more overwhelm. Do what you are best at and understand how you shift to deliver better for people and planet.

ESSENTIALS - we need to get behind the lingo

When we get to the core of who you are and what you are here to do, a few essential efforts will be important to bring about the needed shift. We will draw upon diverse perspectives and wisdom to discover these essentials and pave the way for meaningful change.

IMPACT - less talking, more doing and being

It's time to move beyond talk and action alone. Creating impact as leaders and change-makers requires a new understanding. We cannot simply talk and act our way into making a difference for people and the planet. True impact comes from embracing new ways of being and doing. Today is the day to become proud contributors to a better world.

Reinventing our ways of working and leading

Examples/cases of how Hanne brings new ways of working and being to organizations:

  • CLOTHING MANUFACTURER: Shift to teal self-management and self-leading teams
  • SUSTAINABILITY ADVISORY: Build inner sustainability in management team

  • CORPORATE SERVICE CENTRE: Transform HR operations to self-management and flow
  • GOVERNMENT AGENCY: Build self-management in teams within agile IT department
  • PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY: Agile mindset for leaders in manufacturing division
  • TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS: Global grassroot driven culture change
  • RENEWABLE ENERGY: Establish new leadership team
  • UNIVERSITY: Reinvent existing leadership team
  • FINANCIAL SECTOR: Introduce risk based culture
  • GOVERNMENT AGENCY: Catalyse strategic courage by introducing development dialogues

I help you make the roadmap and guide you how to do it

SEE together

Strategic visualization

  • Co-create your shared image of past, present and future
  • Engage leaders, employees, customers/users, partners and owners - your community
  • Allow conflicting perspectives and ideas to co-exist and inspire new insights

DO the essential

New ways of working

  • Self-organizing with role-based organization and distributed decision making
  • Methods for co-creation and being wise humans, seeing and doing the essential
  • Establish the Space where people, ideas and energy unfold in a natural flow

CREATE wisely

Renewed organizational impact

  • Unlearning old patterns and truths - only in this way can you step into new realities
  • Rewilding your organization for resilience, life, creativity and organizational health
  • Sustainable and regenerative work life: Inner and outer balance and renewal

We need Wildhearts with action to build the organizations and the world we need

Our ways of working must change.

Leaders and organisations face a dilemma: We must find new ways of working, but our organisations are too busy for profound change to happen. We need sustainable impact on people and planet. But we continue to have workplaces with overwhelmed employees and leaders, lacking the energy and capacity to make valuable impact.

I use proven methods and a lot of experience in very different types of organizations to help your community shift to relevant and essential new ways of working. The aim is to be important forces for good for planet and people.

The effort can be a shared image of your purpose, future impact and next steps. It can  include new ways of working.  It may eventually reinvent your being and doing as an organization, in orther words be Rewilding our organisations  and let people, ideas and energy unfold in a natural flow. We need such resilient, adaptive, creative and heartful workplaces. 

Each short term step and long term transformation will serve to unleash what is already there. All efforts are designed to take place while we do our work, not in meeing rooms, and build on our gentle powerful human nature. This is what I call Wildheart Leadership.


Get started today

  • When we know we can't continue as is, what is an essential next step?
  • What is our shared image of the future we dream of creating?
  • How do we unleash our full potential for doing good for people and planet?
  • Which new ways of working are essential for us?
  • Where do we start? How do we take realistic relevant steps?
  • What will it require of us as leaders?

Yes, many successful organizations of all sizes are doing it.

No, there is not a simple cookbook. We need to get wise and real.

Contact Hanne to hear more about possible next steps for your organisation.