Your organization is full of life, creativity and energy if you let it.
Self-organise in ways that match your purpose, culture and business.

Are you ready?

Superpowers of self-organizing humans

When you have an organisation where people are able to self-manage in clear roles and communities, you will likely experience, that you together can create what noone thought possible. And have people, planet and business thriving better than with traditional ways of organising the workplace. The ways of working may be take many shapes, depending on your values and business. But in all cases the same super powers will show up. Because this is our human nature at its best.

EASE - grounded in our core, we stand tall and act from strengths

No more pushing and struggling to make results. We do what we are best at and grow constantly.

FLOW - connected to the whole, we sense clearly what is needed

No more getting drained and stressed. We thrive and create by living in a natural flow. At the end of a workday, we leave more energised than we started. And our human connections nurture us. 

IMPACT - creating valuable solutions for people and planet

No more meaningless plans and efforts. We experience how all individual and joint efforts are appreciated contribution to our purpose. Being proud contributors to a better world!

Reinventing our ways of working

Examples/cases of how Hanne brings rewilding and strategic visualisation to organisations:

  • CLOTHING MANUFACTURER: Shift to teal self-management and self-leading teams
  • CORPORATE SERVICE CENTRE: Transform HR operations to self-management and flow
  • GOVERNMENT AGENCY: Build self-management in teams within agile IT department
  • PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY: Agile mindset for leaders in manufacturing division
  • TRANSPORTATION & LOGISTICS: Global grassroot driven culture change
  • RENEWABLE ENERGY: Establish new leadership team
  • UNIVERSITY: Reinvent existing leadership team
  • FINANCIAL SECTOR: Introduce risk based culture
  • GOVERNMENT AGENCY: Catalyse strategic courage by introducing development dialogues

We need Wildhearts and Rewilding to save our organisations and our world

This if for you who know the ways of working must change.

Leaders and organisations face a dilemma: We must find new ways of working, but our organisations are too busy for profound change to happen. We need sustainable impact on people and planet. But we continue to have workplaces with overwhelmed employees and leaders, lacking energy and impact.

I have found a realistic, poweful way to help organisations shift to the needed new ways of working. So we can shift to leave net positive footprints on planet and people. This way of helping us create in our full capacity as human beings, I call Rewilding our organisations. It builds on solid methods to create profound change. It takes us to our full potential as humans, where we dream and then turn the dreams into reality. And it is designed to take place while we do our work.   It opens for the organisation to access it's Superpowers

I help you make the roadmap and guide you how to do it


If you have a coming change that must be successful, we start your journey here. It could be creating a new service or product. Or reducing stress and burnout. Maybe letting go of old structures and barriers for co-creation. Perhaps implementing a new system and way of working. Or creating a team full of life.


You may feel a strong urge to re-define what the good worklife is for you and your organisation.  Because this corresponds with your values. Or because the current drain of energy and people must be adressed for survival of your business. We start the journey by stopping what drains and find new ways to work in flow.


In case your organisation is determined to leave only positive footprints on people and planet, you need to set free the life, energy and creativity in your organisation for this important shift. This rewilding of inner and outer nature must be in ways that match your culture and business. People can use their full potential and let your common purpose unfold. 


Get started today

  • How do we shift to the results we dream of - for people and planet?
  • What could rewilding and our new ways of working look like?
  • Where do we start in a realistic and simple way?
  • When will we experience the positive impact of our rewilding?

Your organisation can achieve what noone thinks possible

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