About Hanne Vibe Andreasen

My passion is to help people in organisations to use their full human capacity and together create wonders where business purpose and human passion is one.

I'm a senior consultant, leader and facilitator in the field of leadership, organisational transformation and new sustainable ways of working and impacting our business and the world around us. I'm based in Copenhagen, Denmark and working with international as well as Danish organisations.

My specialty is to help teams and whole organisations with successful changes, including new ways of working. The aim is to create work communities where people thrive and to increase the sustainable impact the organisation has on people, society and the planet.

In my 25 years of bringing about organisational excellence, I found that leaders often talk, write and plan extensively, but forget to roll up the sleeves and nurture the change as a gardener. Every organisation is a living system, with almost unlimited potential for doing good and developing continuously. When we remove the organisational obstacles and support a living flow, your organisation is able to succed with what noone thought possible.

We do it together with skill and simplicity

I see my role in life as a servant of change. My contribution is that of the experienced craftsman. Building on in-depth knowledge of modern leadership theories. Translating deep organisational insights to new essential ways of being and doing in the workplace . Turning your complex challenges into simplicity with doable actions is my trademark.

I'm the professional with a solid track record, who you want to use for the important but demanding solutions, where your own skills or time are insufficient. In organisational terms, this means that you can get my advice for your upcoming journey or change, or you can ask me to head the next part of your journey as an interim leader or as a trainer for your leaders and key change makers. Opening up for the living flow is always a result . I call it Wildheart Leadership.



2022-   Wildheart Leadership – independent senior advisor and consultant, sustainable leadership and ways of working

2017-2021   Ledelseshuset – independent senior advisor and consultant, reinventing organizations and leadership

2015-2017  Deloitte Consulting, Human Capital – senior manager, organizational change and transformation in Danish public sector

2012-2014   Maersk Group and Maersk Line – head of department and internal senior consultant: operational excellence in corporate service, global culture change

2009-2012  Vibe & Wendelboe – independent senior consultant, leadership development

2008-2009   Integral Human Change – senior consultant, organizational transformation and leadership development

2004-2008  Stig Jørgensen & Partners – senior consultant, organizational transformation and leadership development

2002-2003 Shifting from being a leader to become a consultant during a period of maternity leave and studying psychology

1996-2002  Brüel & Kjær – management positions to lead business delivery and development: Business Development Manager, Product Manager, Project Manager, Marketing Manager. People management of departments and projects


  • MSc in Economics, International Business - Aarhus School of Business
  • 2 years of Psychology - Psykoterapeutisk Institut, Copenhagen
  • Training and courses in the fields of leadership, operational excellence, personal development, change management, strategic visualization, deep organisational transformation (Otto Scharmer). Also trained as yoga and meditation teacher

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Hanne Vibe Andreasen - Wildheart Leadership

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