Meet Hanne Vibe Andreasen

My mission is to guide organizations and leaders towards new ways of working and thinking, enabling them to generate positive impact for both people and the planet while maintaining a healthy business.

The traditional methods of running organizations are ripe for transformation in this pivotal decade. I am dedicated to helping you navigate and succeed in these critical changes by providing tailored support and sharing my extensive experience.

As a senior consultant, leader, and facilitator specializing in leadership, organizational transformation, and pioneering approaches to work, I am committed to unleashing meaningful change in our businesses and the world at large. With my base in Copenhagen, Denmark, I work with organizations both nationally and internationally.

Let's embark on this transformative journey together and shape a future where your organization thrives while making a difference.

I change people, so people can change the world

I work with the people side of sustainable and regerative actions and mindsets. I help individuals, teams and organizations access their natural ability to live and work in sustainable and even regenerative ways. Because we cannot create a long-term positive impact in the world if our internal sustainablity is not established.

You can get my support in a number of ways. You can get advice before and during  a new journey or change. You can have your organization co-create your journey and next steps with me as facilitator of the strategic visualization. You can get me to project manage the next part of your journey.  I can train and coach your teams, leaders or key change makers, so they lead and support the next  steps on their own.

We do it together with skill and simplicity

We always do it together, and it is a two-way learning process when we work on your business critical and tangible actions in the organization. I inspire, facilitate and support the new ways of working. The starting point is always a common picture of the current situation, challenges and opportunities and your desired future. I will outline what the road ahead will look like on your journey into new ways of working, and what it will require of you. 

When we remove the organizational obstacles and support a living flow, your organisation is able to succed with what noone thought possible. I call it Wildheart Leadership.

My contribution is that of the experienced craftsman. Building on in-depth knowledge of modern leadership theories. Translating deep organisational insights to new essential ways of being and doing in the workplace . My trademark is to turn your complex challenges into wise simplicity with doable actions.



2017-   Wildheart Leadership – independent senior advisor and facilitator: new ways of working, reinventing mindsets and rewilding organizations

2015-2017  Deloitte Consulting, Human Capital senior manager: organizational change, co-creation and transformation in Danish public sector

2012-2014   Maersk Group and Maersk Line – head of department and internal senior consultant: self-managing teams, operational excellence, global culture change

2009-2012  Vibe & Wendelboe – independent senior consultant: new ways of working for leadership teams and HR

2008-2009   Integral Human Change – senior consultant: agile and responsive organizations, organizational transformation and leadership development

2004-2008  Stig Jørgensen & Partners – consultant and programme manager: international leadership development and strategy implementation 

2002-2003 Shifting from being a leader to become a consultant during a period of maternity leave and studying psychology

1996-2002  Brüel & Kjær – management positions, leading business delivery and organizational development: Business Development Manager, Product Manager, Project Manager, Marketing Manager. People management of departments and global projects

Education & training

  • MSc in Economics, International Business - Aarhus School of Business
  • 2 years of Psychology - Psykoterapeutisk Institut, Copenhagen
  • Training and courses in the fields of leadership, co-creation, operational excellence, personal development, change management, strategic visualization, organisational culture and transformation. Also certified yoga & meditation teacher

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Hanne Vibe Andreasen - Wildheart Leadership

New ways of working
Self-organization / self-managing teams
Reinventing organization/mindset (Laloux)
Rewilding of organizations (natural agile and resilient system)
Strategic visualization / co-creation

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