Shift from pushing to EASE

Unfold in a natural FLOW

Create IMPACT for people and planet

Is your organisation working to be sustainable for people, planet and profit?

If yes, you are in a really good place, ready to meet any challenge. If you're not there yet, you can start with your daily leadership and the efforts already planned:

  • use ease and flow in your effort to reach results and impact you are already aiming for
  • increase well-being and co-creation in your organisation 
  • find energizing and sustainable ways of working
  • act from wholeness to naturally and relentlessly support people and planet

My passion is helping the full potential to unfold. This is what I do for a living and have helped organisations unfold for more than 30 years. I draw on mindsets and methods of modern leadership thinkers such as Otto Scharmer (theory U), Laura Storm & Giles Hutchins (regenerative leadership), and Brené Brown (courageous leadership), as well as Design Thinking and Strategic Visualisation.

I use my extensive experience in new ways of working, and help you craft exactly the hands-on approach that allows your organisation to thrive, shine and do good in the world.

Why Wildheart Leadership?

I turn wise words and ideas into effective solutions and unlock natural powers in people and in leadership. I call it Wildheart Leadership. It helps unlock our willing, wise and workable frame of mind - our true wildheart nature.

We need to unlock our superpowers for people, planet and profit to thrive

Wildheart Leadership helps you unfold the three organisational superpowers:

EASE - grounded in our core, we stand tall and act from strengths

FLOW - connected to the whole, we sense clearly what is needed

IMPACT - creating valuable solutions for people and planet

Strong Back.

Soft Front.

Wild Heart.

Brené Brown

Gentle Wildhearts are the practical visionaries we need

Søren Hauge

When all is said and done, the only change that will make a difference, is the change of the human heart.

Peter Senge

You cannot travel the path,

until you become the path yourself.



"Hanne turned our priorities and dreams into a visual journey for for the project, and engaged all stakeholders in understanding and co-creating our joint effort.”

"Working with Hanne gives everyone involved a strong sense of ease, hope and creativity."

“She helped reshape our implementation approach, so the dreaded transformation became an uplifting experience and developed skills and ownership in ways we never would have believed was possible."


Shift from pushing to EASE

Unfold in a natural FLOW

Create IMPACT for people and planet