Wildheart Leadership WORKSHOPS

I work with people to make us more human, more in flow and with the impact that our world needs. We work together on being and doing what we are here to do. Honestl, I get somewhat impatient when all we do is talk. The world needs action. Humans and the planet will benefit from us being more and doing better.

Therefore workshops are one of my favourite spaces, and it always involve our inner and outer nature. Bringing out your power and creativity.

Most workshops I do are tailored to a specific workplace or group of people. Some workshops are open for anyone to join, and current workshops you will find on this website. Workshops can be outdoors, indoors, at your place or online.

I offer workshops in English or Danish on a number of topics related to sustainable leadership and reinventing our organisations.

Please contact me to hear more and to find out how your ideas for a workshop can unfold. Workshops can be face-to-face or online.

SELF-LEADERHIP - grounded in our core, we stand tall and act from strengths

In our life and at the workplace we need to lead ourselves in order to thrive and be able to contribute our fullest to others. From there we can relate, create and enjoy. No more pushing and struggling to make results. We do what we are best at and grow constantly.

INNER BALANCE AND FLOW - connected to the whole, we sense clearly what is needed

No more getting drained and stressed. We thrive and create by living in a natural flow. At the end of a workday, we leave more energised than we started. And our human connections nurture us. 

SUSTAINABLE WORKLIFE - creating valuable solutions for people and planet

No more meaningless plans and efforts. We experience how all individual and joint efforts are appreciated contribution to our purpose. Being proud contributors to a better world! Working in ways where people thrive and creativity comes alive.